Let's Celebrate - Weddings

This week, we celebrated the wedding of Harry O' Hay and Betty O'Barley, with the story of The Scarecrows' Wedding written by Julia Donaldson. We retold their story on our small world using the characters and some props to help us.

In our role-play, we attended a wedding celebration with champagne flutes, place cards, wedding cake and presents, and flower corsages. 

We were wedding planners on our practical table, designing and creating wedding invitations, making confetti, building wedding cakes, and creating beautiful tissue paper decorations.  

On the writing table, we created a list of what Harry and Betty needed to collect for their wedding, and we used our phonics to complete wedding vocabulary sheets. We also  wrote our handmade wedding invitations to send invitations from Harry and Betty. We are using our phonics to help us hear the sounds in the words we want to write. When we hear the sound we find it on our sound mat, and then think carefully about our letter formation as we write it. 

In maths, we explored composition and the concept of 'wholes' and 'parts'. We used our bodies and toys to help us understand that whole things are made up of smaller parts. We built jigsaws of our own faces and scarecrows, as we found the parts to make a whole. We also used shape blocks (parts) to construct patterns and pictures (the wholes). 

Around the classroom, we created small and large scale scarecrows, using the natural resources. Harry and Betty needed outfits for their wedding, so we designed then collaged a wedding dress or suit for the scarecrows. Then we painted a scarecrow field background for our scarecrows. 

Next week we start the countdown to Christmas with The Jolly Christmas Postman.