Our Trip to the Farm

On a hot sunny day, filled with excitement, the Bears boarded the coach to take us to Barleylands Farm. We were off on our first school trip.

On arrival, we set down our packed lunches in the large Barleylands Barn where we would eat lunch. Then we began the general theme of the day - animals, drinking, toileting and handwashing (the drinking and toileting was us, although the animals did this too). 

First stop, a wild cat talk as we watched the servals have breakfast. Next, some cuddly animals - Biscuit the rabbit and her guinea pig friends.

Then we were off on our bumpy tractor and trailer ride around the farm. Feeling hungry and ready for lunch, we walked back to the large barn (meeting different animals as we walked) to wash our hands and eat on hay bales. Fed and watered, we were off again.

Next, some pony grooming. With the ponies looking groomed, we moved on to feeding the goats. The Bears were all so excited and confident as they fed the goats from their hands. A whole bag of animal feed and some well-fed goats later and into the Animal Barn to see pigs, sheep, and more goats (oops we should have saved some food). 

More handwashing, and then off to visit the highland cows and miniature donkeys, giving the geese a wave as we passed. It was almost time to leave, so we walked quickly back to the barn to collect our things and have a final toilet stop before we left. We just managed to squeeze in time to meet the different birds of prey, including kestrels, vultures, and different species of owls. Then tucked in the corner were the cheeky meerkats, who looked like they were having a sports day, as they ran up and down in lines. 

What an amazing day! The adults were so incredibly proud of them all. The Bears listened well, followed instructions, and were fun and engaged all day. 

Back in school we wrote some independent sentences about our day and labelled a Barleylands Farm map. What did you like best? 'Everything!', was the reply.