Funnybones - My Body

We have been learning about our bodies with the spooky and imaginative story Funnybones, written by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. On small world, we used the skeleton characters to retell the story and, if we were brave enough, we added our mini-me characters into the dark, dark adventures too.

Skeletons were created all around the Bears classroom, on chalkboards, with chalk on black paper, cotton bud skeletons, playdough skeletons, skeletons drawn on the playground, loose part skeletons and even a large jigsaw skeleton too. 

On our blue writing table, we shared the story in groups. Then we sequenced pictures from the story to make our own concertina Funnybones book, and used our books to help us retell the Funnybones story. Next, we created a new page for the book and thought about what the characters might say. 

On the practical table, we explored our senses with flavoured teas, herbs, spices, coffee beans, and citrus fruits. We were encouraged to look closely, smell, taste and describe them. We thought about what the aromas reminded us of - toothpaste, curry and chocolate. 

We explored different textures of cotton wool, pine cones, pebbles and pasta and tried to visualise objects by touching and not seeing them, then thinking of words to describe them.  We continued our sensory play with a soundtracks game, and sound eggs filled with different things to make a noise when we shook them. We looked at some picture cards to help us guess what was inside. 

In phonics, we were introduced to our first digraph ck. A digraph is two letters that make one sound - but your little Bear will be able to teach you that! Other sounds added to our phonics keyrings were e, u, r, h, b, f and l. To practise our formations, we wrote ck on a sock, erased e, painted u under an umbrella with ultramarine paint, made an r in rice to reveal a rainbow, highlighted h wearing a helmet, wrote b in black, brown and blue pen, formed f in flour and made l in lentils. Wow, we have been busy!

 Next time Super Me with Supertato.