Super Me!

To finish our All About Me topic, the Bears transformed into superheroes as we shared the adventures of Supertato, written by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. When an Evil Pea is on the loose, Supertato, the world's first potato superhero, is just who you need to keep the supermarket and classroom safe.

We created a playdough Supertato, a collage Supertato, and some super veg friends. 

Luckily, the Super Bears were on hand to help Supertato tackle the mischievous Evil Pea. The superhero role is very serious, so we completed a superhero training camp - jumping in hoops, crawling through a tunnel, balancing bean bags and lifting quoits. We drafted in some lolly stick super me characters too.

We put our superpowers to use by searching for hidden numbers and shapes with our super vision, using our super ears on a sounds walk, being super writers to create speech bubbles and super designers and builders of superhero cityscape and vehicles.

Quick as a flash, we jumped to help as Evil pea was up to no good in our classroom. We had to free some superhero friends that were tangled in laces, vegetables that were calling for our help and we needed to find our phase 2 sounds that Evil Pea had hidden around the classroom. Kapow! We got our revenge by designing and building traps and tangling him in laces.  

A super end to a super first half-term in school!