Let's Celebrate Weddings

This week we celebrated weddings with repetition and rhyme in The Scarecrows' Wedding story written by Julia Donaldson. The Bears re-enacted and adapted the scarecrows' wedding story with the characters, animals and props on small world. In role-play, we dressed to celebrate a wedding with buttonholes, and used champagne flutes, a tiered cake, flowers, banners and a guest book to complete our wedding party.

On our creative table, we made large tissue paper pom pom flowers to hang in our wedding role-play. We designed and created wedding outfits for Harry and Betty, and painted a sky and cornfield background for our scarecrows to stand in. In groups, we organised different sized boxes in size order and joined them to make the tiers of a wedding cake. We tested our tiered cakes to see if they were stable enough to carry. 

On the practical table, we made confetti from pastel coloured paper to use at our wedding, and created wedding acceptance cards by cutting and sticking wedding images. Then the popular transient art materials came out to create large scale scarecrows with our natural resources.

In fine motor activities, we placed rings on a gloved hand and filled favour bags with pom poms using tweezers. 

For construction, we assembled wedding cars big enough for the bride, groom and driver (our mini-me blocks) to fit inside, and we built large scarecrow puzzles.

On the blue writing table we made marks in confetti. We created a list of what Betty and Harry needed to collect for their wedding, and we wrote an acceptance card for Betty's and Harry's wedding. We have learnt lots of tricky words in phonics, and we have tried to use these in our writing.

What a busy week! Next week, we start the countdown to Christmas with a Jolly Christmas Postman. There will be lots of singing with nativity and Christmas concert practices, and we start creating our secret Christmas crafts. Don't ask, we won't tell you!