Traditional Tales - Little Red Riding Hood

The Big Bad Wolf is back in our last traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Our role play transformed into Granny's cottage, and we played the character roles of Little Red Riding Hood, Granny, the Wolf and the Woodcutter. On small world we retold the traditional tale using a forest scene, Granny's cottage and the story characters and props. 


On the writing table we labelled pictures of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. The sneaky Wolf needed to be caught to ensure no more young girls were tricked, and no more grannies gobbled up. So we drew and wrote a wanted poster. We tried to include some adjectives to help us write a description of the Big Bad Wolf - grey fur, sharp claws and pointy teeth. Fortunately, Granny was saved, the Wolf was caught, and he felt sorry, so we wrote apology letters from the Wolf to Granny.


On the creative table, we explored drawing what we could see through observational drawings of a basket of fruit. The Bears listened and watched brilliantly, as I modelled how to notice and draw. They were encouraged to see details like colours, shapes and patterns. Next, they tried independently with pencils, then moved onto drawing and colouring with pastels. Our observational drawings were really very special, and some of us shared our artwork in the celebration assembly. The older children were impressed, and we even heard some whoops in appreciation of the pictures.

To help us retell the Little Red Riding Hood story, we created shoebox dioramas with paint and collage, and kitchen tube characters of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.  I hope your little Bear can put on a Little Red Riding Hood show for you at home.

More cooking, this time we chopped and threaded pieces of fruit onto a wooden skewer to make a healthy fruit kebab. The Bears are really embracing the 'give it a try' ethos we have in class and some are discovering foods they didn't think they liked. We voted for our favourite fruits - strawberries were the winner!

We made fruit baskets for Granny with playdough and our construction resources. Then we tested our baskets to see if they were strong enough to carry the fruit.

Next time, a new topic - Come Outside, with a cat named Jasper, who finds a bean, plants it and impatiently waits for it to grow.