Happy Friday!

A busy week in the Crocodiles class, with lots of learning and play activities taking place!

This week has been a busy week for my little Crocodiles - we have been busy writing recounts for our Superhero adventures - we found a photo of The Red Ranger who came to our playground and put out a fire on the climbing frame - we have been busy making plans to help us with our writing, before putting these in to sentences.

In maths this week, we have been looking at one more, one less, 1:1 correspondence and using mathematical language to compare amounts.

Science this week has got us thinking about our bodies, exercise and how to keep healthy - we took part in a Joe Wicks challenge and got very hot and sweaty! This afternoon, we finish our science on a hand washing experiment to understand the importance of keeping clean.!

In RE this week we developed a class poem about our school, our special place that is Beckers Green, and in French, we practised saying Bonjour and counting to 5! I wonder if your children can teach you this at home?


Have a lovely weekend,

The Crocodiles Team!