SUper smoothies!

We have been making smoothies as part of our Design and Technology lessons this week!

The crocodiles became designers this week when we had our Design and Technology lessons. We decided we wanted to make a smoothie for a superhero by the end of the week, so on Tuesday, we used magazines and created our own balanced dinner plate - lots of lovely foods were used and some crocodiles got creative and drew their own foods. They were all very hungry after this!

On Wednesday, we did some fruit tasting to decide what we would use in our smoothies - we tried bananas, pears, berries and mango and decided upon apple or orange juice. We drew our own smoothies, and made a list of the fruit and juice we would use.

Friday afternoon was the big day - and boy were we excited! We went to the Smoothie Workshop in groups and made our own smoothie, carefully selecting the fruits and juice and adding these to the blender. We tasted them and spoke about if we liked or disliked the smoothies and what we might change next time - overall the smoothies were a huge hit! Great designing Crocodiles!

Enjoy your weekend - I wonder if any of you will make smoothies at home this weekend?!

Miss Hatchman