London's burning!

Our half term of learning has begun with the topic of London's Burning - The Great Fire of London. 

The Crocodiles have enjoyed the first week on our new topic of London's Burning - a focus on the Great Fire of London. They have been amazing at recalling lots of facts about this huge event from the past - I wonder if they can remember any to tell you at home?

In history this week, we have been learning all the about the fire, including ordering the events that lead to it, why the fire spread so quickly, making Tudor houses, and learning how the fire service has changed from the past - this obviously involved dressing up as a firefighter now and putting out a fire on the side of the hive! This has linked nicely to our English work of learning about the 'ed' suffix, adding this to words to make them in to the past tense. 

We had a fire drill on Wednesday - the kitchen had burnt the potatoes - this may have been a Miss Hatchman tale, but don't tell the Crocodiles! We spent the week using language to retell the events of the fire drill and wrote a newspaper article, developing some fab headlines - Potatoes on Fire! Kids in Danger! Smoke everywhere!

Maths was a week on shape - 2d and 3d shapes, lots of naming, sorting and using to make patterns. Check out the 3d shape rap on youtube - it's a real hit with my Crocodiles!

Next week will be a Geography focus for our foundation subject, learning all about the River Thames. Check out the block next week for more information and photos!

See you all tomorrow

Miss Hatchman