Christmas celebrations begin

With just one week to go before we break up, Christmas has arrived in the Crocodile's class!

What a lovely week in class, it is so nice to be back with my little Crocodiles!

In maths this week, we have been busy recapping lots of skills linked to numbers 11 to 20 - ordering, comparing using inequality symbols, one more, one less and creating using tens and ones, they have amazed me at their growing independence, what little stars!

English this week saw us having a camp fire in the copse, complete with biscuits! We thought about our different senses ahead of writing poems based on this. Yesterday we planned them, thinking about using adjectives and nouns. and today, we have written our poems, fantastic writing and descriptions about the poems from the super Crocs!

This week we made Christingles - I hope they enjoyed telling you all about them and what each part represents. We have made a start on our Christmas cards and of course, sung lots of Christmas songs!

One week to go - and a fun one too - pant on Wednesday, Christmas dinner on Thursday and our class party on Friday! 

Miss Hatchman