Amazing adjectives!

A fantastic week in the Crocodile's class with a visit from Turbo the African Land snail!

This week in English we have been learning about adjectives, we spent lots of time thinking about words to describe ourselves, animals and things around us and after a visit from Turbo the African Land snail on Tuesday, we wrote recounts or sentences using adjectives to describe - some fantastic words!

We have been developing these adjectives to extend and widen our vocabulary and today we enjoyed writing these words on the tables.

In Maths this week the Crocodiles have impressed me with their number knowledge within 50 - lots of oral counting, making the numbers with tens and ones, representing using lines and dots and today working out one more and one less. Next we will will continue with numbers to 50 - comparing and ordering before moving on to counting in 2s and 5s.

History was our foundation subject this week - we have learnt about the first people to go to the North Pole - Peary in 1909 and the South Pole - Amundsen in 1911. The Crocodile's learnt that Scott arrived 20 days too late at the South Pole and unfortunately didn't make it home. We created our own flags and went on our own expeditions where we placed our flags in icebergs.

RE saw us learn the story of the Good Samaritan incase you want to watch at home.

In computing we are learning to type on a keyboard and this will continue next week.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!