our super senses in science!

Our science this week has seen us take part in lots of experiments to use all 5 senses!

This week in Science we have been learning all about the human body, body parts and what they do to help us. We started our learning singing head shoulders knees and toes and then labelled the human body.

Moving on to our 5 senses, we have been on a listening walk, using our hearing to complete a tick sheet on what we could hear, cars, dogs and singing - not me this time!

Moving on to sight, we have learnt all about Braille and how this helps people who are blind. We found it very difficult to move around the classroom with our eyes shut and impossible to read a book - until we discovered Braille! We were lucky enough to use a Braille machine in class and then had a go at writing our name and some letters in Braille - we think it is amazing that the dots can be used to help people are blind to read.

Then disaster struck when the sugar and salt had got mixed up - we worked through our different senses to find out what would be the most useful to work out what was what - we didn't think hearing would help us, but discovered taste would - and luckily we all tried the sugar and not salt


Still to explore are our sense of touch and our sense of smell....!!