3d shapes

A busy final week in the Crocodiles class, learning all about 3D shapes in maths.

Our maths lessons this week has taken us on a shape journey, starting with 2d shapes. We have learnt about their properties, understanding sides and vertices - a posh word for corners! We made repeating patterns with the 2D shapes too and used lots of spoken shape language.

Moving on to 3d shapes, we played lots of 'What's inside the box?' game to practice using mathematical language based around the shapes and their properties, including faces and edges. We went on shape hunts around school and completed tally charts to see what shape we same the most.

Today, we used cocktail sticks and midget gems to build our own 3D shapes, lots of cubes, pyramids, cuboids and prisms being made - and even better, we got to eat some sweets after!

Have a lovely Easter break, stay safe and well see you all on Tuesday 19th April!

Miss Hatchman