Animals and their Habitats.

Our science learning this week has been based around local habitats and why animals are suited to living in different environments.

We have had lots of fun exploring local habitats this week - firstly, we learnt that habitats were homes for living things- animals and plants. We learnt about local habitats to us - ponds, woodland, our gardens, our homes, the town and rivers to name a few. 

We then went out for a little explore around school to these habitats - we visited the pond, copse and the field to see what animals we could find in our local habitats.

And look what we found!

We then learnt about the habitats provide - food and water, shelter, warmth, protection, company and the suitability of habitats - I asked why can a camel live the in desert but a polar bear can't? We had lots of discussions around this and found some interesting information - camels have a third eye lid to keep the sand out and can close their nostrils - handy for living in the desert!

In maths this week we have been using numbers to 100. We have been partitioning them - working on tens and ones, comparing using inequality symbols, counting forwards and backwards and saying one more and one less. 

And finally, in English this week we have written comparisons between churches and mosques - we worked as teams to gather as much information following our visitors and mindmapped our ideas, before planning our sentences and today writing them using the conjunction 'but' to join ideas.

Have a lovely weekend!