Paddington Puppets!

We have been very busy in Design and Technology this week designing and making our own puppets!

Our Foundation subject this week has been Design and Technology, with  focus on making Paddington Puppets to put on a show!

We learnt all about existing products and different types of puppets - and got to have some fun using these too! We had a go at creating our own shadow puppets when we turned the lights off, use glove puppets and saw videos of rod puppets too - lots of laughter! We then became designers and drew pictures of what our puppets would look like. We thought about what we would need - felt, googly eyes, and a stick, and what we would use to join the materials together - we decided glue might be good!

Then we created our own puppets using these materials and what a great job we did!

As true designers, our next step is to think about what we could change and make even better if we were to do this again, creating an evaluation of our puppets.

The Crocodiles can't wait to bring them home in a few weeks to put on some shows for you at home!