Our school trip!

We had a fantastic school trip to Braintree Museum last week to learn all about the Victorians.

Well, I didn't recognise most of my Crocodiles as they all looked brilliant as Victorian children on the day of our school trip!

We travelled by coach to Braintree Museum, and there we had lots of fun in the Victorian classroom, learning to call our teacher Maam, sitting at desks, writing on slate, and learning all about life in a Victorian classroom.

We then learnt about Victorian toys and how these are different to our toys, we got to play with some of these and thought it was so interesting that those toys didn't have batteries, weren't as colourful and that our toys are much safer these days!

And then our last session was exploring Victorian objects, we had to make a prediction as to what we thought the objects were used for, what material they were made from and where they might be found!

We had a fantastic day and I hope they enjoyed telling you all about it!