Our foundation subject this week has been art - we have been using watercolours to create portraits of Queen Victoria.

Another busy and productive week in the Crocodiles class, with a focus on art in the afternoons.

Following our 5 part process of researching, experimenting, designing, making and evaluating, we began the process of looking at Sir George Hayter and his portrait of Queen Victoria. This fed in to our mood boards to inspire our final piece of work:

On to our experimentation, we learnt and used different water colour techniques, including wet on wet, wet on dry, adding salt, using crayons and our favourite - splatter painting!

Next up was our design part of the process. We used viewfinders for the first time to focus in on specific parts of the portraits, we then chose a part to focus on and had a go at drawing them ourselves, using fine feathery strokes - the key was to not press to hard so we could change our art work if needed.

This afternoon, we have used our previous lessons to help us complete the 'make' part of the lesson. We drew our portraits and painted with water colours.

Don't they look amazing!

This afternoon we will evaluate, thinking about what went well with our art work and what we would do differently next time.