All about Mary Seacole

Our writing this week has been focused on Mary Seacole and her life. 

This week in English we have learnt about the third person, using he, she and they to write a recount on the life of Mary Seacole, starting with researching and recording facts:



In maths this week we have been making equal groups, and making arrays - arrangements of equal groups:






In RE this week, we learnt and acted out the Easter story to begin our learning on why the cross is important to Christians:


And finally, in History we have finished our work on Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, comparing hospitals and nursing from then to now, comparing and contrasting, and understanding legacy - why we do remember them and ther work:


We spoke about what we would like to be remembered for - and wow some amazing ideas, from ballerina, to best police officers, the best hugger and the best motorbike racer! We wrote about this in our books and posed as our statues: