Art - Clay Pinch Pots

As we reach the end of our two blocked weeks of art, we have created some fantastic clay pinch pots.

The last two weeks of foundation subject teaching has been based around art. We began our lessons and understanding with creating a moodboard to inspire our final pieces of work:


Then we moved on to experimentation, using clay to explore how it felt, what happens when we roll, pinch, and coil it and then what different patterns we could experiment with:







We then moved on to experimenting with colours, using primary colours to make secondary, and then using these to make tertiary colours:








We moved on to exploring the colourwheel and complimentary colours:


We then made our clay pinch pots using the technique of placing our thumbs in to the ball of clay and pinching and pulling the sides up. We then made our patterns using the designs we had completed and played with in our books. When they were dry, we selected the two complimentary colours and painted our pots. Don't they look amazing!