Money Money Money!

Our learning in maths this week has been based around money, and lots of fun we have had in our toy and sweet shops!

This week in maths we have been learning about money. This started on Monday with learning to unitise - understanding the value of a unit and knowing that the coins had different values and not just 1 as it was one coin.

We moved on to learning to recognise coins - we ordered coins from the smallest value to the greatest value:

We then had a go at recording the amounts:

Then we moved on to our own toy shop in class, using the correct coins to pay for toys:

Today we have learnt the recognise the values of notes, and how these link to the coins we have learnt about. On Friday, we have had our own snack and sweet shop, where we have had to count in coins, making up a specific amount - but with good reason to buy the sweets!

On wednesday, we had to help solve an issue - lots of animal poo had been muddled and we needed to sort it depending on what the animal had eaten - we learnt the terminology carnivore, herbivore and omnivore and explored the poo before making a group decision as to what it was:


As yu can see, some members of the crocodiles class were not so impressed by exploring the 'real' poo! 

Another busy week - with 2 more days still to go!