Fantastic Food Chains!

A busy week with a science based focus to end our two week block, looking at habitats and their suitability for animals, food chains and camouflage. 

We have had a very productive week this week in the Crocodiles class, completing our maths and reading assessments, the children have worked very hard to show off all the skills they have learnt over the last term and showed a fantastic attitude towards these assessments.

Our foundation subject has been the 2nd week of science. On Monday we looked at why animals are suited to their habitats - our question started with, could a polar bear live in the desert? Lots of fantastic collaborative work, team huddles and discussions from my crocodiles to see if we could develop some answers to this. We decided - it would be too hot for the polar bear!

We looked at ducks on ponds, polar bears in the ice and camels in deserts and why these animals are suited to their habitat - waterproof feathers, white fur for camouflage, a third eyelid to prevent sand from entering, webbed feed, large pads on feet to help walk on ice, the ability to last a long time without water were a few facts we discovered in our learning.

We moved on to food chains - understanding and explaining who eats what in the habitat. We learnt that most food chains start with some form of vegetation - they produce their own food and energy, and then when eaten by another animal, the energy is passed along. We had lots of fun acting out food chains, including grass being eaten by rabbits and rabbits being eaten by foxes!

Tomorrow we are going to be finishing our learning based around camouflage and why some animals need to use this to keep themselves safe, and how they do this. We will look at different camouflage to see if we can spot any animals and then create our own camouflage pictures.

In Jigsaw this week we have been looking at the differences between male and female bodies, including using the correct terminology for body parts, the crocodiles showed their growing maturity in this lesson. 

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the school fayre!