Marvellous Matisse!

This week we have been budding artists, learning bout Henri Matisse and his inspirational art work.

Our foundation subject for the week has been art. We have been learning about the artist Matisse, and discovered that he was mainly a painter, who created collages and abstract art work. We turned our classroom in to an art gallery to look at and respond to a few pieces of his work - we framed it, looked at it upside down, recreated it and laid down to look at it - we came up with some fantastic comments and this was a real hit with the crocodiles!

For the research part of our art lessons, we created mood boards to inspire our final pieces - we had important visitors to this lesson and they were so impressed with the comments and quality of art work from the crocodiles - I was so proud of them!

Experimentation took place in various stages:

Creating collages using shapes in the style of Matisse

We then experimented with colour mixing black and white to make tones and tints when added to other colours. We moved on to experimenting with using stamps and stencils to print:


For our final experimentation part, we looked at colourful backgrounds. We used cardboard squares to move the paint around the paper, thinking about how it mixed and blended:

The make part of our lesson involved us creating new backgrounds with chosen colours, and then using the stamps and stencils to print shapes in the style of matisse, using black and white. We thought about using the abstract shapes to layer and create collages, very thoughtful art work!

Look at the final product - lots of budding artists in the making!