Amazing artists!

This week our focus has been on art, and using clay to create self portraits!

This week in art, we looked at what clay is and two artists that used clay themselves - Picasso and Michelangelo.

Our lessons follow a five part:

Research - creating a mood board to inspire our final pieces of work:

We then moved on to experimentation - how can we manipulate and change the clay by pinching, rolling, squashing and nipping:

We then had a go at designing our portraits - we looked at ourselves in mirrors and drew what we saw!

Today we have been budding artists and made our self portraits with clay - don't they look amazing!

All that's left to do is evaluate our art work, thinking about what we like most, what changes we could make and what we could do differently next time. We can't wait to send these home so they can be shared with you all!