London's Burning!

Back to a bang with our learning, all about London's Burning and the Great Fire of London.

A busy first week back after half term, and we have started our topic on the Great Fire of London - London's Burning.

In History this week we have learnt all about the fire, the events leading up to it and what caused the fire. We created timelines, ordering the events, and then on our second lesson, learnt about Samuel Pepys and his diary he recorded about the fire. We created mindmaps with our newly learnt facts.

In maths, we have begun our addition learning, adding parts together and adding more:

In English, we have been writing recounts. Learning to write in the past saw us learn about the suffix 'ed' - adding these to the end of most words to make them into the past tense

We had a 'fire alarm' on Wednesday (don't worry this was a fake alarm to create a hook for our recount writing. We then created pictures and symbols to help us think about what we would write:

Over the last day or two, we have worked on writing our recounts: