Come Fly with Me!

Our topic next half term is Come Fly with Me. Today we have had a Design and Technology day to get ourselves immersed in to the topic for after half term!

On Wednesday, we spent some time learning about current moon buggies and the surface of the moon - we learnt that it is bumpy and full of craters and moon buggies need to be able to travel over the surface.

Our mission - to design and make a buggy to travel over a bumpy surface. We tested out wheels - red, big and small, yellow wheel and cardboard wheels, to see what moved best over sand, soil and rocks, before making a decision as to what wheels we would use. We then spent some time designing our own buggies, labelling with what we would need - steering wheels, seats, a roof, and even a box to store equipment!

Today, we are having a DT day! Lots of creativity in the Crocodiles classroom has seen some amazing moon buggies created. We have tested them on a bumpy surface outside and this afternoon we will evaluate them against the design criteria.