Sensational Senses

This week in science, we have been learning about our senses!

Our science lesson this afternoon has seen us learn about our five senses, and taking part in experiments to explore these:

Sight - we drew what we could see from a  picture

Hearing - we worked out what sound was being played

Feel - exploring different textures we found around the classroom

Smell - we had to work out what smells were on the tissue - vanilla, lavender, orange or mint

Taste - oh no Miss H muddled the sugar and salt, what would be the best sense to work it out - we decided on taste!!

Today in English, we finished our fact files on The Wright Brothers, working collaboratively within our teams, and then presented to the class:

On Thursday we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day dressing as adjectives:

And thank you to the parents for joining us in the morning for reading with us: