Catch that Giant!

A busy start to our week building traps to catch a giant!

This week, we have been using imperative verbs to write instructions for how to catch a giant! Mrs Smyth reported to us that there was a giant on the loose, so we headed to the copse and worked in teams to set upon building traps to try and catch it! Fingers crossed when we check back tomorrow we've caught it!

We orally rehearsed instructions such as 'get a tyre', 'tie string around the tree', 'place an apple on the logs' - we worked hard to write our instructions yesterday and tomorrow we will be editing these before top copying - watch out for photos of these on school ping!

In maths we have been learning about quarters - 4 equal groups - the crocodiles used wraps to cut in to quarters to problem solve how many quarters make a whole - apparently using wraps in maths made it 'the best day ever!'

For our final science lesson, we learnt about what plants need to grow - air, sunlight, water, time and the correct temperature. We planted our own seeds and these will be coming home to you this week - I can't wait to see any photos of them as they grow over the next few weeks!

We are making our own beanstalks in DT tomorrow - watch this space!