What a BUSY week!

It's been a jam packed week with our brilliant sports day, exciting planting in science and our first outdoor learning session.

The children showed kindness, compassion and sportsmanship at sports day on Tuesday. Although some were a little nervous about competing, they all tried their very best and had fun with their friends. Here are a few photos from the morning:

Hopefully you will have received the Ping from me with some more photos from the day. If you haven't, please get in touch and we can get that sorted.

Well done to the red team who were the overall winners of sports day.

The children were so excited for their first outdoor learning session. These will be every Thursday - next week's will be in the morning and then all the other sessions will be in the afternoon.

The children took part in den building, bug hunts and investigating the mysterious disappearance of the rope swing!

We also found a fascinating bee which could have been a miner bee as it was digging in the soil.

The children have started to grow their own cress and sunflower seeds. They were very knowledgeable about what plants needed to grow and used this to create the perfect conditions for their seeds. We will be keeping plant diaries over the next few weeks and will also be looking at what happens when the conditions aren't optimum for plant growth.

As well as all of this learning, the children have started to become experts in a very specific bug: the Pyrops Candelaria aka the Lantern bug. The children have learnt all about what this Hemiptera looks like, where it lives and what it eats. They have done some fantastic writing using did you know questions and specific adjectives to help describe it.

The children have been told all about our new reading competition which starts today. The children need to read at home as often as possible. The more reads they do, the further they'll move along the caterpillar. There are prizes for getting to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 reads. Thank you for your support in this.