Fire ignites panic at beckers green

This week in Dolphin class:-

The children were introduced to our new topic on Tuesday through some rather interesting objects. In an old looking wooden box we found a piece of cheese, an old looking diary, an old map of London and some gold coins. We discovered that a man named Samuel Peeps had kept a diary of the Great fire of London.

On Wednesday we had our own fire alarm (pretend) when the kitchen burnt the roast potatoes, and we heard the bell sounding for us to evacuate the classroom. The children then used their knowledge of past tense (suffix - ed) to write a recount of the fire alarm and came up with some amazing headlines.

On Thursday we investigated why the fire of London managed to burn so quickly and why it was hard to be extinguished? We learnt that in 1666 there was limited equipment available to help with fires, firefighters did not exist and that the houses were made of wood and were built very close together.

The children created their own Tudor houses and practised being modern firefighters in the playground using buckets and hoses to put out a fire on the play equipment.

Next week the Dolphins will be writing a recount of the Great Fire of London.