This week in Dolphins Class

The children worked hard this week to create a recount in the style of a newspaper of the Great Fire of London.

At the beginning of the week the children impressed me with their knowledge of the historical event, and we created pictures and actions to support us when writing. 

The two top headlines -

"Bakery burnt to a crisp."

"Burnt pudding at King's bakery."

Using our knowledge of the Great Fire the children enjoyed finding Pudding Lane on Google Earth and finding other geographical features on maps (Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral).  We learnt a lot about the River Thames and how it was used in 1666 to try to put out the fire.  On Tuesday the children had to work as a team to carry buckets of water from the River Thames (sink in classroom) to the bakery on fire (climbing equipment). 

We discovered the power of the magic e in phonics that turns our vowels from the short vowel sound to a long vowel sound.  The children are already recognising split digraphs and using them in their writing. 

Maths this week we have introduced using inverse to check our addition sentences.  We will continue to work on addition and subtraction next week.