You wood not believe it!!!!

A great Scientific week in Dolphins this week.

The children have really enjoyed delving into the world of materials and the different properties. We started the week with a material hunt around the classroom finding many objects that were made of the same material. We discussed the different properties of each material and the suitability of the material for the job. We agreed that having metal underpants is not particularly suitable. We finished the week with an experiment on absorbency predicting which kitchen towel would be the most absorbent and carry out the task fairly.

We continued to read our non-fiction text on the Great fire of London, discussing the timeline of events and the suitability of the wooden and straw houses. The children also enjoyed watching the amazing fireworks displays of London on New Year’s Eve and came up with some amazing adjectives to help us with our firework poem on Monday next week.

In phonics we are concentrating on Tricky words- you, said, come, some, have, was and he/she/me. The children have been very good at not letting the words trick them into spelling them incorrectly and have identified the parts of the word that doesn’t follow our phonics.