Asia, Africa, North and South America, Antarctica, Europe finally Australasia

Our learning in geography last week

Last week we set ourselves the goal of learning all the seven 7 continents and by the end of today nearly everyone had succeeded. Our PSHE lessons have been focusing on realistic goals and taking lots of small steps to reach them. It was lovely to look at the special books some children brought in for RE on Wednesday, they were so excited to share them with the rest of the class.

This week we have really enjoyed finding out about the North and South Pole and the Kalahari Desert. I have been really impressed with how much the children have remembered from our lessons. We will be going on our own expedition to these places next week when we learn about the first explorers to get to the poles.

The writing in English this week has been wonderful, and some children received a head teacher award sticker for their brilliant story about a little lost penguin. The adjectives the children are now starting to include in their writing is a great improvement from the first Autumn term. We are still practising lots of handwriting as this is still an area we really want to improve on. Maths we have been looking at related facts using the commutative and inverse.