What a busy week

Details of our very busy week below. 

What a busy week!!! 

This week in Dolphins we have been getting very creative looking at the artist Piet Mondrian. We turned the classroom into an art gallery and discussed each of his paintings, the colours, shapes, lines and each other’s opinions. The children created a colour wheel looking at primary first and then mixing the colours to make secondary colours. Mondrian uses lots of primary colours in his paintings and next week the children will become artist recreating some of his most famous pieces. The children enjoyed dancing to the song Boogie Woogie that inspired one of Mondrian’s painting.  

On Monday we have so much fun meeting the animals from the animal zoo workshop. All the children were incredibly brave touching all the different animals especially the giant African millipede with its 230 legs and the python. The zoo workshop inspired some fantastic writing from all the children, and they remembered so many facts about the animals.  

In RE we discussed the Lord’s prayer and came up with our own class prayer. The children talked about how thankful they were for their families, and we all prayed for warm sunshine.  

Teamwork was our focus in PSHE and the children loved creating their own magnificent garden for their own dream garden. Everyone worked well together discussing ideas and having specific roles.  

Maths we have been comparing lots of numbers using greater/less and equals to. We discussed tens and ones and looked at lots of ways of representing numbers through part/whole models, tens frames, number lines and straws.