It's been the longest/shortest week

Science in the Dolphins class

Science has been our focus this week in dolphins and the children have really enjoyed carrying out lots of experiments on materials. We had lots of discussions about the suitability of materials and why certain materials are best suited for the job.  The children found it hilarious when we talked about tea pots being made of chocolate, coats made of metal and a chair made of paper. We decided to find out what materials were waterproof and therefore suitable for a tent for an expedition to the South Pole. There was also lots of bending, twisting and stretchy to find out which materials can change shape.

The children enjoyed presenting their finished fact files to each other on Thursday. We had some very interesting facts about animals that live in Africa and Asia. Did you know Zebra’s stripes are like finger prints there are never two that are the same.

In maths we have been comparing lots of objects using the vocab longest, shortest, tallest, shortest. We then moved onto measuring objects first with cubes and then with rulers remembering to start from zero.