Wet, Wet, wet

This week in Dolphins

The children have had a great week designing, making, and evaluating their moon buggies. I was very impressed with the children’s ideas of all the different features to be included in their design. We had cameras, satellites, charging points, oxygen tanks and even a TV. After making the buggies we talked about how to evaluate the models in comparison to their design. What went well and what would they improve next time? My favourite one “I would change nothing I loved my design”.  

In English the children created some fantastic sentences using the adverbs luckily, suddenly, quickly, tightly and slowly. We have continued to use adverbs in our alien story that the children have been practising using pictures and actions ready to write up next week. The class really wanted me to use the word aerodynamic in the story as the adjective to describe the alien Blop’s spaceship.  

We have managed to keep ourselves dry in Maths this week despite the topic of capacity. Thankfully the sun has been shinning so we could move our maths outside to fill up containers to show empty, nearly empty, half full, nearly full and full. We then talked about how we could measure the capacity of different containers and record these on a chart.  

Phonics we are starting to look at all the alternative ways to make the same sound, this week we concentrated on ee,ea,y,ey,e-e.  

In RE we have introduced the Easter story learning about why we celebrate Easter and the story of Jesus. The children drew some fantastic drawings to show the resurrection of Jesus when the Mary found an empty tomb.