One a penny, two a penny

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This week in Dolphins we have written a story about a spotty, little, harmless alien called Blop. The children really impressed me with remembering the story and included so many adjectives and adverbs. Towards the end of this week, we started to innovate or create own alien story. We have had some amazing ideas from trips to Jupiter and Mercury and finding exploding moon rocks. We will continue to write the stories next week and the best ones will be displayed on the star work board in class. 

Maths we have concentrated on counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to prepare ourselves for multiplication next week. We used lots of different resources to make groups of 2,5 and 10.  

RE we have continued to learn about the Easter story discussing why we eat hot cross buns on Good Friday. We looked at the cross symbol on the top of the buns and discussed that it represented Jesus and the cross he was crucified on. The children then got to eat the hot cross buns. 

In PSHE we took the time to be mindful and looked at all the different ways we could relax. We had a great discussion about medicine and that sometimes taking a walk, reading a book, sitting in a dark room or drinking water can also be a medicine. We discussed other medicines and how they should be kept safe in a locked cupboard. 

For Art we have been experimenting with digital art. First the children designed an alien from their story on paper and took the design into the ICT suite. We used paint program to create some lovely digital art using lines and shapes. To improve the design, we looked at including backgrounds and extra details to the alien.