What has a ring but no finger?

This week in Dolphins

A great start to the week with lots of amazing story writing from the children about aliens. I have really enjoyed reading them and looking at the pictures that the children illustrated for their story. We have begun to look at riddles and have had a practise at writing our own one about an animal. We will look at exclamation and contractions next week to encourage the children to included them in their next riddle. 

In Science we used human models to label the body parts before putting them into our books. The children have enjoyed taking on lots of fun activities using a different sense. We found that when trying to sort out the salt from the sugar bowl our taste helped us make the discussion. We took part in a sound walk, a smell experiment, described materials through touch and discovered how to read and write our names in brail.  

Maths there has been lots of talk about making equal groups and adding the groups together 2+2+2 = 6. We will use these steps to move onto simple multiplication next week. 

On Friday we were lucky to have a surprise visitor a real-life pilot came into see us. Luckily, we had spent the morning writing questions for a pilot. The best questions were, how do you fly your plane at night? Is your plane aerodynamic? Do you like chocolate? The children enjoyed love asking their questions and telling the pilot about the Wright brothers.