Welcome back

this week in Dolphins

It has been lovely to welcome all the children back from the Easter break and they have quickly got back into our daily routine.  

On Wednesday we came back from breaktime and found rather large muddy footprints left in the classroom with pieces of orange peel strewn across the carpet. A local newspaper had reported sightings of a giant near the school, and we believed he had been into our classroom. We decided to write instructions on how to catch the giant and create some small-scale traps of our own. The children came up with some very imaginative ideas and completed some excellent instructions using imperative verbs and time connectives.  We planted sunflower seeds on Friday and the children will be writing the instructions on Monday. 

At the beginning of the week in Maths the children struggled with the concept of arrays and making equal rows and columns. However, with perseverance and resilience by Friday the children became confident drawing and making arrays from multiplication number sentences. 

The children have enjoyed our new science focus on plant. They investigated the trees in the school to work out if they were evergreen or deciduous. Stripped down tulips to find and label the different parts and then set up an experiment to test if seeds can germinate without soil.  

The new vocab for this term: evergreen, deciduous, conditions, germinate, disperse, mature.  

In RE we discussed our daily routine and any special events that happen daily, monthly, or yearly. The children chose their favourite one (most opted for Easter because of the chocolate).  

Phonics we have discussed the 4 ways to make the igh/ ie/ i-e/ y sound and practised writing lots of words that contain these sounds.