Let it grow!

This week in Dolphins

Science is still our focus this week and we had lots of fun investigating the different plants around our school. We used maps to record deciduous, evergreen, flowers and bushes and took photos of plants that had grown from bulbs. We discussed the difference between seeds and bulbs and set up an experiment to see if seeds need soil to germinate. On Thursday, the children enjoyed predicting how many seeds we would find in different fruits, and some were keen to try the seeds in a pomegranate. We then discussed dispersal and the different ways seeds disperse, the exploding cucumber was interesting to watch. 

In English, the children confidently completed their instructions on how to plant a seed at the beginning of the week and are now practising the Jack and the Beanstalk story ready to write next week. On Friday we looked at apostrophes for possession (Jack’s car is red).  

In RE the children articulated some amazing ideas on how to look after the earth from recycling to helping others and competed a lovely piece of work showing all their ideas.  

Maths we have concentrated on equal groups and sharing equally between 2, 5 or 10 ready to introduce the division sign next week.  

Phonics are focused for writing the sound- oe, o-e, ow, oa.