Brilliant Botanists

Our learning this week

We had a fantastic morning walking to the local nature reserve to explore what nature has to offer. The children were exceptionally behaved and hand a wonderful time exploring the area looking for bugs, plants, trees, and flowers. There were plenty of dandelions to use to show dispersal and we also found some deciduous and evergreen trees. Unfortunately, we could not find many bugs due to the lack of stones and tree logs to be upturned, the old cut grass didn’t house many insects. It was a lovely time spend outside and the children loved running about on scavenger hunts and later sitting quietly and taking part in realistic drawings of leaves and flowers like Elizabeth Blackwell.  

Back at school we used maps to find our route from Beckers Green and discuss all the human and physical features we had seen on our way. We then enjoyed ice lollies and choosing time as it has been a very busy morning.