Buy, Buy, Buy

In the Dolphins this week

We have had a busy week with our year 2’s sitting their SATS for maths and English. All the children tried their best and I was proud of their resilience. While the year 2’s were busy the rest of the class focused on phonics activities and recapping addition and subtraction.  

In English we found out about persuasive words and how we could use them on a poster to get people to buy sunflowers. We discussed using exclamation marks to add feeling and excitement when designing our posters and the children came up with some great ideas on why we should buy sunflowers.  

In maths we spend time thinking about reasoning by giving explanations for our answers. The children are very good at giving a yes or no answer without explaining how they know. We will be continuing to work on this over the next term. 

We have been getting a bit messy with our clay work this week. The children researched and designed a clay tile using natural materials. First, we practised all the different techniques we could use with clay and used different tools for cutting and carving. The children then chose the natural materials to emboss or decorate the clay tile. On Friday we evaluated the tiles discussing the techniques used and if they would improve their design if they were to make the tile again. 

We have also been busy preparing flags for the Jubilee celebration next Thursday and practising the national anthem and Jubilee song.