A royal Occasion

Another busy week in the Dolphins

The children had great fun creating persuasive posters in English for the platinum jubilee party. 

We have designed, created, and evaluated beanstalk sculptures (thank you for all the toilet rolls and kitchen rolls kindly donated).

The children enjoyed learning directions and position in maths. In the playground the children used the vocab of forwards, backwards, left and right to guide their partner around the cones. We used quarter, half and 3 quarter turns to jump around the classroom and discover shapes that looked the same know matter how they were turned. Then on Friday we built multilink towers following instructions on of colour and amount and where to attach the next cube. 

We hope you enjoyed the platinum  Jubilee party, the crowns were amazing and the Dolphins had 3 winners for the best crowns with Louisa taking the top prize. Gooooo Dolphins. We even had a royal visit from some of the royal family.