The sun was shining

Our week in the sun

We have had a very hot week in Dolphins however, the children have continued to work hard. The class had a fantastic sports day with lots of fun and cheers, the children were beautifully behaved, and all gave a 100% to their activities. Congratulations to Finn Weston for overall year 1 boy champion.  

We have continued to study the village of Chembakolli in India comparing houses, jobs, animals and schools with Braintree. The children have really enjoyed learning about different ways of life in other countries. On Thursday they created some lovely comparison group presentations and talk about their findings to the rest of the class. Two groups received 5 points for including physical and human features in their presentation.  

English the children planned and independently created a recount of their sports day using exclamation marks and time connectives. 

In PSHE some children brought in photos of their parents as babbies or their own baby photos so we could discuss how we change when we grow older.