A bear called Paddington

Our new topic.

We have had a fantastic week starting our new theme ‘A bear called Paddington’ we even had Paddington’s suitcase containing a jar of marmalade, map of London, a photo of Aunt Lucy and a notebook. The children were quick to guess who the suitcase belong to and had a wonderful day on Tuesday making marmalade sandwiches. On Friday I was really impressed with the writing of the instructions using our imperative verbs and time connectives.

In Geography at the beginning of the week we focused on the capital cities of the UK, using google earth to look at the different cities and we found some interesting landmarks. We then discovered all the amazing features of Paddington’s home Peru creating a mind map. Peru is a fascinating country with so many human and physical features, slums, houses, fields, rainforest, mountains, desert, coastlines and the Amazon River. Using maps and photographs we continued to look for human and physical features in Lima (capital of Peru) and London.

In RE we continue to look at how Hindu’s worship at a shrine using as many of their senses as possible. Mrs Pascal set up a shrine in our classroom and we looked at all the items on a Puja tray.

Maths there was lots of arithmetic on addition and subtraction finding out ways to help us find the answer by drawing tens and ones and using a number line.