What a fantastic week

What a fantastic, amazing, incredible and wonderful week!

Persuasive writing has been our focus this week in English. On Monday the children came up with so many words to use when trying to convince someone to visit England. Using our geography knowledge, we listed all the exciting places to visit and used persuasive words to make them sound amazing. Come to England because it has fabulous, wonderful free parks and sandy, golden coasts. We then looked at conjunctions or, but, because to extend our simple sentence. Come to England but bring your umbrella.  

Geography we have really enjoyed finding out all about Peru and Lima the capital city. Using maps and photographs we compared London and Lima to find all the physical and human features. The children were surprised to learn about the slums in Lima and the materials used to build them. In groups the children used weather symbols to show the different climate of the capital cities and we found out that it hardly ever rains in Lima.  

PSHE, we have been talking about bullying and how to recognise bullying. The children came up with their own slogan – No bullying here!! We have been drawing our ideas onto items of clothing to dress a gingerbread cartoon. 

RE we continued to look at worship and the artefacts that are used for worship in the Hindu faith and the meaning behind them.