It's a puppet

Another fabulous week in the Dolphins

We have had so much fun in Dolphins this week finding out about all the different types of puppets, we even got to play with hand puppets and had a demonstration of ventriloquism from a talented KS2 pupil. The children drew fantastic designs labelling all the materials they would need to make the puppet. With glue, tape, felt, tissue paper, buttons and of course googly eyes, 30 Paddington bears were created with lots of excitement. I was asked so many times if they could take these wonderful puppets home however, we will be using them to put on our own puppet show of a Paddington story the children will be writing over the next couple of weeks. On Friday the puppets were evaluated, what went well? What would you improve? 

English the children have written excellent persuasive sentences trying to convince Mrs Symth she should book Peru as her next holiday. On Monday the children will create brochures from their sentences and the best 5 will be shown to Mrs Symth. 

Maths we have moved onto 2D and 3D shape. The children were very confident with the names of 2D shapes but not so much with 3D. We have been using playdoh, building blocks and real-life objects found in the classroom to discuss the 3D shapes and lolly pop sticks to find the sides of 2D shapes.  

Computing this term, we are focused on using a mouse and the paint programme to create works of art. The children have been very creative producing a Matisse, Mondrian and this week a Kandinsky.  

RE we went on a sensory walk around the school to find things we could hear, see, touch, smell and taste connecting to the Hindu belief that worship is better if you use all your senses.