Jack Frost nipping at our toes....

A fabulous, snowy week in Dolphins

What an interesting week we have had in Dolphins. Thank you to all the parent s, grandparents, and children for making it in each day through the freezing conditions. We had lots of fun in the snow on Monday before the playground froze.  

Luckily, we did manage to get our Paddington story completed and I have been amazed at the effort from everyone. The best stories will be displayed on our star of the week wall.  

We continued to look at the materials in science with an exciting experiment on chocolate. Thinking about how materials change we used chocolate to predict what would happen if it was put into a freezer, left outside, or put in our hands and mouth.  

We finished our focus on 2D and 3D shapes, we had a fantastic lesson on sorting 3D shapes. The children suggested sorting them by shape of the faces, number of edges or vertices and by curved surfaces. 

In computing the children created a sunflower in the style of pointillism using cotton buds and paint. We compared painting on paper and then painting using tools on a computer. Some children decided it was easy using paint and paper as they had better control. Others said it was quicker to create on a computer.  

Each day the elves Jingle and Jangle have been creating the 12 days of Becker’s. This week they used 3 wet blue towels and stole 12 smelly stickers from Mrs Perry’s draw. On Wednesday they ate some rather funny looking green noodles they hadn’t quite understood 7 go noodles.