Lost in the......

Another exciting week in the Dolphins

This week in Dolphins the children have completed a fantastic adventure story based on our book Lost in the Toy Museum. We had a fierce lion called Archie and a small, cute dog toy that lived in a claw machine at a bowling alley. The children were challenged to use adjectives, commas and exclamation marks in their writing and I am so impressed with all of their efforts. 

Our focus for foundation subject Art has seen the children create some beautiful portraits of Queen Victoria using water colours. After creating their own mood board choosing their favourite portraits of the Queen, we experimented with lost of techniques using water colours, wet paper with dry brush, salt, crayon, and blending. I have displayed the best portraits on our ‘Play time’ board in the classroom. 

Maths the children have got to grips with equal groups and using resources to make different equal groups out of the same number. We looked at repeated addition and the started to think about multiplication. 

PSHE the children followed small steps with a partner to achieve their goal of making a hand flower. We had some very creative ideas and lots of communication making sure both members had a role in making the finished piece.  

Computing we have had lots of fun taking photos and learning about portrait and landscapes photographs. The children decided which style to use when taking photos of lots of different things (person, building, view, pencil pot).