the wheels on the toy go round and round

A busy week

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Dolphin’s class. Last week the children had lots of fun creating their own Victoria toy using wheels and axels. With lots of hot glue, scissors, fabric and string their designs came alive. Luckily, most of the toys moved along nicely and the children evaluated their toys on what went well and how they could improve next time. 

In English we have been discussing and writing non-chronological reports. The children having experienced first hand a Victorian classroom had lots to include in our class fact file. The children then created their own report on Victorian toys using iPads to research what they were made of and other interesting facts. The best 5 fact files will be added to our star work wall.  

PSHE the children have enjoyed over the weeks working as a team to take on challenges. We have discussed what it means to be successful and this week heard about Paul the Penguin who had so many hurdles to get through just to find food. He never gave up and we looked at how this could be applied in our classroom. 

Science has been lots of fun this week looking at materials and discussing why some materials are suitable for certain objects. We decided that an umbrella made from metal may not be suitable even though it is waterproof it may be a bit heavy. We also agreed that a chair made of wool although nice and soft would not be suitable for us to sit on.  

We have been looking at the connection between multiplication and division this week in maths. Using lots of practical resources to make groups or share between groups. I challenged to children to write the inverse and commutative for multiplication questions and some really amazed me.  We also used number lines to help with division number sentences.  

In computing the children have had lots of fun taking photos in landscape and portrait and editing them to change the size or colour.