Go Wild!!!!!!

Another busy week

We have had a lovely couple of weeks immersing ourselves in our new theme of Go Wild! We have located rainforests around the world looking at the equator and tropical climate. We have taken a dive into the Amazon rainforest and created a diagram of 4 layers we also compared it to our very own Copse. You’ll be happy to hear that we didn’t find any jaguars or bird eating tarantulas but we did find plants, rain and dead leaves.  

Our book Where the wild things have enabled the children to produce some astounding vocabulary for a diary. We created a diary entry from the perspective of the Wild Things when Max turned up on the island and started the wild rumpus. After acting out the scenes in the book the children came up with frustrated, jealous, unimpressed, worried, afraid, embarrassed. All the children created a fantastic diary entry in first person.  

We have been really lucky to have had two visitors to Dolphins class an illustrator and an author. The children had lots of fun changing a story to become an author and creating lots of pictures to go with the story. 

World Book was a fantastic day the children all looked amazing and we had a lovely day listening to so many amazing books we even had a visit from Mrs Wheatley to read a story from a different culture.  

Maths the children are becoming more confident with multiplication and division, and some have even challenged themselves to use the inverse. I have been so impressed with their resilience.